04 February, 2012

First few online reviews of Sea Hearts/Brides

Things are looking very nice in the review department for the selkies book.
  • Florisiensis of Fantasy Book Review calls the novel "a dark, brooding and windswept tale of longing and despair in which Lanagan’ s writing is as beautiful is ever" and says that
    the best compliment I can give it is that had I have stumbled upon it and knew nothing of its publication date I would have guessed it to have been decades if not centuries old, such is its timeless nature. It is ... unlikely that many better will be published in the genre this year.
  • Danielle at Alpha Reader blog calls Sea Hearts "a divinely lyrical retelling of an old myth. ... Lanagan’s tale is fanciful and Gothic, hauntingly complex and utterly beautiful." And I'm fine with that, too. :)
  • Sarah at My Favourite Books says:
    This book is magic from the first page to the last. ...I was completely bewitched by this book. The night I finished it I dreamt of selkies all night long and woke up wishing I could read it again for the first time.
  • And over at We Love This Book (really, the names of these sites, it's just a pleasure to be featured on them!), Nicola Manning praises the "perfect dramatic pace" and continues:
    The Brides of Rollrock Island is written beautifully with great confidence and vigour, cleverly charting both the social and the emotional impact of the bewitching of the Rollrock men. Lanagan’s masterful storytelling will both warm your heart and tug at its strings; the inevitable and tragic fates of the selkies, the Rollrock men and their children will leave you fighting back the tears right down to the last page.
All of this is most satisfactory.


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