08 February, 2012

Blogging (and babbling) about town

A new book means a lot of guest posting on blogs. You can read more, more, MORE of me in the following places:I think that's all for the moment. There are more to come, though; I'll blog them as they're put online.


Blogger Willow Wood said...

I read the blog about your writing routine. You have a great work ethic and a lovely writers den. Inspiring, one might say ;D

The advice about 'cooking' ideas made me smile. Very true. I look forward to purchasing Sea Hearts in the near future, it sounds exciting and I love 'atmospheric' stories. I've got White Time to discover first though! It's looking at me on the shelf, waiting for me to finish my current read. I prefer reading one book at a time.
It was great to hear your voice in the interview video, haha. You're so passionate about writing, it's heart-warming.

I didn't realise you joined NaNoWriMo this year! I would have spurred you on had I known; camaraderie, fellow support and all that awesome jazz. Sorry to see you didn't reach the word count but it's excellent to see you didn't give up. Your ROR workshop sounds like fun and you guys stayed in a lovely location.

Hope you're having a great well. Sleep soon and sleep well.

08 February, 2012 06:18  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Hi Willow,

One book at a time is very sensible. I always know I'm getting too scattered when I exceed about 4! *wills Willow to pick up White Time*

I was very pleased with the way the video interview turned out. I felt like such a bumbling idiot while it was being made; how did I manage to end up so coherent? I think there must have been some miraculous editing involved.

I was very quiet about Nanowrimo—I don't think I mentioned it much online. I was just using it as a little extra spur to keep me going day after day through November. And I was never really aiming to reach 50K; in fact, I told myself I'd be glad if I made 30K, so I was pretty pleased with the 40K I got!

Workshops with colleagues/friends? *thumbs up*

Thanks for commenting. I did go back to bed and got a leetle bit more sleep. Going to work now on 5 hours' sleep, which is not quite enough, especially as I only got 4 the previous night. No mid-morning coffee for me!


08 February, 2012 08:12  

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