14 April, 2012

Home again

Well, I've been home for a good three weeks now—I didn't blog because the post would have amounted to, "Yes, so I did all those things on the list in the previous post", and not much more beyond "Travelling—it's a wonderful thing, isn't it?" and "The world, she is full of such strange stuff."

I've just written a story (which I hope will make it into the Big Issue's fiction issue this year) that has a lot of my Beijing impressions in it, so I'll let you know when that comes out. I was surprised, but pleased that I could use some of the experience so quickly, while it was still all fresh.

Now my nose is back at various grindstones. There's the story, which fell out in a heap on Thursday.

Then, I'm applying myself to the novel. At this early stage, it's rather enjoyably like this:
  1. Rope the calf from horseback, securing the rope to your saddle horn.
  2. Dismount and sprint towards the calf while holding the pigging string in your teeth to keep your hands free. (A pigging string is a short, looped rope used especially for tying the calf's feet.)
That's me right there, sprinting towards the calf, teeth clenched on the pigging string. Except my rope is a bit frayed, and I'm worried that at any second the calf will break free and head for the open country again. How do I tell this thing—from inside or outside, from over here or over there? How much Irishness can I let in before it all turns to smarmy leprechauns? (Answer: Not a lot.) How do I draw this goddess, or make her presence felt? Page after page of puzzling and experimentation. As I said to Kim Hill recently, it's the most fun you can have on your own. (She made me say "with your clothes on", I tell you. She left a pause! It was expected of me!)

Then there's work, and Easter breaks down the south coast, and exercising, and life generally going on. After the last 2 months, it feels quite peaceful.

Must shake out my events frock for the 26th, though, and head to Brisbane, as you must, for this event at Avid. Yes, indeed. Krissy has promised to wear her selkie costume. And to lend me her spare one. Come and have your photo taken with us. And your likeness sketched by Rocco Fazzari. I tell you, it'll be a night to remember, that it will, my jewel.


Blogger Bonnee Crawford said...

I love the creative kick you can get out of travelling. :)

14 April, 2012 19:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Margo; and welcome home -- I'm sorry to post the following as a comment; I didn't see a different way to get in touch: I'm putting together an unusual anthology on behalf of PS Publishing in Britain and I'm curious if you might be interested in contributing. You can e-mail me directly at nathan.thomas.pedersen@gmail.com and I'd be happy to pass along full details for your consideration. Thanks; and again, apologies for getting in touch via the comment section. All best -- Nate

25 April, 2012 14:13  

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