18 May, 2012

SWF Lanagan shenanigans

This year I'm on the grown-ups' program for the Sydney Writers' Fest, on a couple of interesting looking panels. You'll want to come to these, and it won't cost you a cent—hm, unless you live in Perth. Or LA. Anyway, here they are. They're both on Sunday:
  • Her Dark Materials at 11.30 in the Bangarra Theatre, with Lucy Christopher and Kirsty Eagar, facilitated by Hilary Rogers. "Is anything out of bounds in young-adult fiction? How do writers approach challenging topics or dark moral landscapes?" Lucy and Kirsty and I will tell Hilary Rogers where to draw the line!

  • Islands of the Imagination, at 2.30 in Sydney Dance 4: "Fairytale, folklore and fantasy combine to create otherworldly island creations in Margo Lanagan and Mette Jakobsen's latest work. They explore how to feed and release the imagination in fiction, in conversation with Judith Ridge."
I will try my damnedest to sound intelligent and interesting. Failing that, I'll crack a lot of bad jokes. See you there!


Anonymous Kat said...

Hey Margo - Mette is a friend of mine, she's absolutely lovely. I'm sure you'll have a great time on that panel. Sorry I'll miss it, but it's a bit expensive to come all the way from South Korea!

26 May, 2012 09:03  
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