16 June, 2013

Shake the Skyline, "Tender Morsels"

How wonderful is this? Shake the Skyline tweeted me, "hey, i loved tender morsels and wrote a song inspired by it! i hope you like it"

And I did! And I do!

"one prayed to the moon to release her
the other, both daughter and sister, she stayed
a lonely decade in the 'perfect' world her mother made
she stayed

"run away into your heaven girl
i hope you have to never know
the secrets of the real world
and baby oh, i don't care if you're wolf or bear
'cause i didn't know it was just a dream that had sent you there
we're trying so hard to find us a way back to where
their cloudy eyes had kept surprises far away"


Blogger Unknown said...

Oh Margo that's the bees knees of fan mail-sort of makes it all worthwhile, eh?

20 June, 2013 12:49  
Blogger Unknown said...

Oh Margo that's the bees knees of fan mail-sort of makes it all worthwhile, eh?

20 June, 2013 12:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One must be an amazing writer to inspire such music.

Thank you for posting about this!

22 June, 2013 06:04  
Anonymous Ravyn Galimore said...

Hi Ms. Lanagan, my name is Ravyn Galimore and I am a ninth-grade student at Fredericksburg Academy. As a part of our Introduction to Genres class we were given "Singing my Sister" down as one of our short stories. Personally, I believe compared to the other short stories that we read I admired "Singing my Sister" down because of its unique plot structure and style of writing. Nice work! However, I did create some questions to ask you about the short story. These questions are as followed.
1) When picking out names for the characters in "Singing my Sister Down" where there any inspiration for their unique names. If so, what was the meaning behind them?
2) If asked to describe "Singing my Sister Down" in one sentence, what would that sentence be?
3) When reading "Singing my Sister Down" I noticed that the story was written in 1st person, why did you personally choose to do that, then have it in 3rd person, from a narrators perspective.

If you could reply to one or all of my questions in a blog post that would be great. Thank you for taking the time to look over this and read this.

My URL: fablogs.org/rsgfa17

17 September, 2013 10:52  
Anonymous bafa17 said...

Hello, Ms. Lanagan. My name is Basim Abielmona. I am a ninth grader attending Fredericksburg Academy. I recently read "Singing My Sister Down". I thought it was a great short story. It utilized variations of plot very well and cohesively. The plot was interesting and I greatly enjoyed reading it. All your work is excellent and I'm glad I had the opportunity to read a little bit of it.

18 September, 2013 01:42  

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