21 August, 2013

Melbourne Writers Festival appearances

Here is my list of events at the Melbourne Writers Festival in the next week, starting on Friday with a thoroughly overstimulating day at the "final chapter" of the Edinburgh World Writers' Conference, which I saw kicked off in actual Edinburgh.

Last year I hung back terrified of all the brilliant brains around me, but this year I am being forced to participate by going on the "Style vs Content" panel with the (OMG, brilliant) Kirsty Gunn, whose novel The Big Music I have been clambering through awestruck for the last week or so. Francesca Rendle-Short will be wrangling us.

There are also sessions on Censorship, the Future of the Novel, Junot Diaz on whether literature can effect political change and a session on "A Post-National Literature". There'll be a lot to chew on.


Anonymous Zeke said...

Hello Ms. Lanagan my name is Zeke and I am a freshman from Fredericksburg Academy. As a class we read your short story "Singing My Sister Down" I found the story intriguing and well done. I loved the way that you made the reader find out what the plot was without really telling them. My questions to you are these though. Where does this story take place? Is it even on earth? How old is the narrator who tells the story in first person? We never get much background information on him. And of course what do you believe Ik did to be executed in the tar pit? Thanks for writing such an awesome story and I'm sure all your other ones are just as great. Thanks!

Here is the link to my blog fablogs.org/zmfa17/

17 September, 2013 10:13  
Anonymous Stephen said...

Hello Ms. Lanagan, I attend high-school at a private school named Fredericksburg Academy in Virginia, USA. I respect your writing very much. I enjoyed especially your short story, "Singing my Sister Down." Your are very talented writer, and I enjoy reading your writing. Thank you.

17 September, 2013 23:51  

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