29 June, 2013

My Readercon schedule

Here's what I'm doing at Readercon in Boston, a couple of weekends from now.

FRIDAY 12 July:
  • 12 noon How I Wrote The Brides of Rollrock Island
  • 1pm Speculative Poetry Workshop. With Mike Allen (leader) and Alex Dally MacFarlane. "Come prepared to write," this one said, but it looks as if I'm supposed to do something in the way of panelising? Which is alarming, because I've written precisely one spec fic poem in the last decade. Well, that'll be interesting. [Updated: Rose Fox has reassured me that I don't have to panelise, just participate. Relief.]
  • 5pm Writing (Hot and Heavy) Action. With Elizabeth Bear, Nicholas Kaufmann (leader), John Shirley and Cecilia Tan. "Good action scenes and good sex scenes have a surprising amount in common. This panel will discuss the best ways of approaching both. Expect the discussion to get raunchy and specific."
  • 6pm Kaffeeklatsch (!!!)
  • 12:30pm Reading. Looks like it's only 25 mins, so it's unlikely I'll manage to cram in "excerpts from Tender Morsels, The Brides of Rollrock Island, and a short story" as advertised. Maybe if I read really-really quickly...
  • 2:00pm Which Ideas Are Worth Keeping? With that dreamer Scott Edelman (leader), Daryl Gregory, Yoon Ha Lee and Allen Steele. "Many writers have file folders of unfinished stories or novels that never jelled or never seemed quite publishable. How do you decide which ideas to reject, which to pitch, and which simply to follow through on based on your own convictions?"
  • 3pm Special Short Stories. With James Patrick Kelly (leader), Toni L. P. Kelner, Ben Loory, Kit Reed and Michael Swanwick. "Some short stories hold a special place in the author's heart for one reason or another. Maybe it was an award-winner or gave birth to a series or earned a place in a particular anthology. The panelists will each discuss a single published short story. What was the genesis of the story? What particular challenges came up when writing it? How did it come to be published? Has it led to other opportunities, fan interactions, or new series? What makes it special?" (I will be talking about "Singing My Sister Down". So everyone bring hankies.)
SUNDAY 14 July: Sitting on a plane to Seattle, where the Clarion West class of 2013 will be waiting, expecting great things after 3 weeks with Elizabeth Hand, Neil Gaiman and Joe Hill.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wish I could come :(

30 June, 2013 14:34  
Anonymous Anna said...

Hello, Ms. Lanagan! I'm Anna, and I'm yet another student at Fredericksburg Academy. First of all, Readercon sounds awesome and I'm definitely going to have to look into it! I'm glad I was able to hear about it. I'm especially glad, however, that had the opportunity to read your incredible short story, "Singing My Sister Down." Your style of writing is unlike anything else I've read before and I really like it! I absolutely loved the in media res plot variation, as it is the only story using that plot structure that we have read yet this year. I also loved the amount of indirect characterization that you used, and I actually really appreciated the lack of information -- it left a lot to my imagination and I enjoyed using context clues and class discussion to expand my understanding of the story. Thank you so much for writing this and then being open to communicating with us!

- Anna

(also, the link to my blog: fablogs.org/arfa17)

18 September, 2013 11:44  

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