25 July, 2005

When my ears start to burning...

...the weekend after next, I'll know why. From the Interaction program for 6 August:

Saturday 13.00, M(Argyll-3)
Literary Team's Book Group: Black Juice

This is a group discussion for the literary programme team's favourite book of the year: Margo Lanagan's fantastical short story collection Black Juice.


Blogger Susan said...

That's very exciting Margo - well done. You'll have to get Rjurik to tape it for you.

25 July, 2005 16:16  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

I can't fill the whole session with my spies - everyone will be too self-conscious to say anything! Love youse all, though, and thanks.

26 July, 2005 14:54  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Purrr. Hi Patrick. Saw your collection in Galaxy Bookshop here in Sydney a couple of weeks ago. There but for the vagaries of publishers, I thought, as I paged enviously through it. But thank you for putting me in the Honour Roll, anyway - I was honoured!

28 July, 2005 09:12  
Blogger chance said...

'twas a lovely discussion with much secrit cabal plotting re: the hugos next year.


13 August, 2005 05:27  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Hi Chance, and welcome to the blog! Yes, I just heard that it qualified for an extension, so could be Hugo-nominated next year as well. What a thought.

And thank you for reporting the discussion on your blog, so that I could kind of retrospectively be a name-tag-reading fly on the wall - hey, so that I knew that SOMEONE came! Anyone who doesn't know, Chance has a very readable blog about writing, mothers and pretty much everything else that matters, at:


or you can just get there by googling "bunch bunch bum bum bum bum bum bum bum" - Chance, I think that might have been my son Harry...

13 August, 2005 14:44  

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