18 August, 2005

UK sampler

Simon Spanton of Gollancz tells me they are:

(a) now going to publish Black Juice in February, rather than March, and

(b) planning to put out "a sampler for the trade to help sell the book in. This will be printed with a full colour jacket and will be the size and shape of a CD insert."

I wonder what they'll decide to sample.


Blogger Jonathan said...

tori amos? good grief. not sure what ideal listening would be to accompany BJ. or would it be a partial thing - say only 'singing my si-' or 'rites o-', rather than the whole thing. bet it will be a chapbook of 'singing' with their cover. cool.

18 August, 2005 22:45  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

I think the partial idea is the best - tease 'em with half-stories. Will Milady run off with the gypsies or stay with Mullord? Buy "Black Juice" to find out!

19 August, 2005 18:09  

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