08 August, 2005

While I was away...

...having my chakras realigned and my colon irrigated (nah, just kidding), Black Juice was nominated for a World Fantasy Award in the Collection category, and the first story, "Singing My Sister Down" was nominated in the Short Fiction category.

I've just driven-and-been-driven for 12.5 hours, so I'll leave it at this until tomorrow.


Blogger Perry Middlemiss said...

Many congratulations on the nominations. Given the way the World Fantasy Award shortlists are complied by knowledgeable people in the industry you will now come under a lot of notice. The general buzz about Black Juice in the sf community is pretty damn good.

10 August, 2005 14:12  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Hi, Perry, and thanks. These nominations certainly feel Big.

11 August, 2005 21:09  

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