31 March, 2006

Kids' Night In 2...

...is doing well out there. Penguin wrote today to tell me it had been chosen for the Books Alive campaign. It's also had some good reviews. From Viewpoint:
It's a fun way to end a night, a good way to begin a morning and a great break at lunch. It's a book that stands up for the bullied, the friendly and the friendless. It's a book that had a four year old in fits of laughter and a thirteen year old reading by torchlight under her quilt.
From Bookslut:
Kids’ Night In Vol. 2 is what my parents would have considered an excellent travel book when I was growing up -- it’s the sort of thing that could be traded back and forth between my brother and I and both of us would have found plenty in here to enjoy. More importantly, readers will find a ton of new authors to explore further after dipping into this collection which is exactly the sort of thing they should do after starting here. Finally, War Child is an excellent and impressive charity to support, especially when we all seem so hellbent lately on creating as many child refugees as possible. Buy the book, enjoy some great literature and help change the world for some desperate kids.
To this anthology, "Margo Lanagan contributes a heartbreaking poem of quiet contemplation", but don't let that put you off.


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