07 May, 2006

Yes, I am alive.

I've been racing around the southwestern US since leaving LA last Sunday. We've 'done' (i.e. had a little taste of and vowed to return and look properly at) Death Valley, Las Vegas, Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff, and now we're in Tempe, Arizona, for the Nebula Awards Weekend. We've been from spring to summer, then back to (Sydney-standards) winter, then abruptly back to summer again, and in fact we brought all the right clothes, from the swimmers to the woolly hats and gloves, to the glam and the bling. We've used 'em all.

Tonight is the Nebula Banquet, which is the second of the two professional high points of this visit. I'm having the best time catching up with [insert name-drops here] and meeting [insert other name-drops here] for the first time. I've now seen Connie Willis officiate at an event, instead of just photos in Locus. (She does a great job.)

Best goodie bag ever - aak! I already have about 20 new, cheap-cheap-cheap US books to bring home. But can I leave behind Paul Park's A Princess of Roumania? Or Octavia Butler's Fledgling? Or - no, I don't think I can sacrifice any of these. Add to to-do list: buy new suitcase for books.


Blogger Farah said...

Samsonite do a really excellent range of folding holdalls and suitcases that are incredibly strong. I have one that opens to the size of a flight bag, will hold fifteen hard backs and folds down to the dimensions of a medium sized handbag. I never go anywhere without it in my suitcase.

None of this range is expensive.

07 May, 2006 05:09  
Blogger Jonathan said...

Do NOT leave the Park. It's terrific.

07 May, 2006 22:08  
Blogger Luke said...

Margo! I was just browsing to see what people were saying about the Nebs and came across your blog. It was a pleasure to meet you this weekend and I hope the rest of your trip goes well.


10 May, 2006 06:48  

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