31 October, 2006

I am not dead,

just doing a lot at the day job.

Book news:

Red Spikes was published on 7 October by Allen & Unwin here in Australia.

'Perpetual Light' from Black Juice has been anthologised by Barry Oakley in Encounters: Modern Australian Short Stories, and the back cover lists as selling points, 'Compelling short stories by Tim Winton - Sophie Cunningham - David Malouf - Peter Goldsworthy - Margo Lanagan - Anthony Lynch'. :)

'Under Hell, Over Heaven', from Red Spikes will appear in Jonathan Strahan's Year's Best from Nightshade.

'A Fine Magic' from Eidolon I has been accepted into Rich Horton's Year's Best.

'The Goosle' will be published in an anthology Ellen Datlow is putting together for Del Rey.

Busy month.


Blogger Peter Hollo said...

Glad you're alive!
I got Red Spikes a couple of weeks back @ Kino, and loved it. Also was equal parts amused and disturbed by your perversion of Norman Lindsay for the latest Agog antho... eek!

I still haven't found Eidolon I. Do you know if it's actually available outside of the convention where it was launched? I guess I should ask Jonathan Strahan really ;)

31 October, 2006 22:17  
Blogger Trent Walters said...

Congrats, Margo!

01 November, 2006 10:21  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Hi Peter. I'm glad you liked RED SPIKES and 'A Pig's Whisper' - see today's news (4/11). I can't say I've seen EIDOLON I around - but I've been keeping out of those temples of temptation, bookshops, as much as possible lately. :)

Thanks Trent - and thanks for the updates in earlier comments. It's great to know the gang's all doing so well!

04 November, 2006 07:02  

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