19 January, 2008

And the rain came down...

And one of our babies came home (the Tamworth one). And Nathan's book was launched (look over here). And the Summer Writers Lab clinked beakers and blew things up. I started my lesbian-teen story, then, when it wasn't lending itself to dramatic scenes and our Lab homework was to write a dramatic scene, I started the unicorn one instead, and now I have a plan for that, and probably about half of that first, dramatic scene. I was worried my unicorn might turn out like this:

but luckily, I've managed to think up a thoroughly nasty plot, with a dead-sexy unicorn in it. And lots of blood and death. And a princess. Bwa-ha.


Blogger Trowzers said...

I linked here from Talking Squid, after about a zillion mentions, wondering what I might find. And after that description of the unicorn story... I'm pretty sure I like what I find!

Then I had second thoughts, and turned to the bookshelf behind me and realised: Oh, that Margo Lanagan! Black Juice was a lot of fun!

Now I know I like what I find!

Cheers to new writing and new reading :-)

22 January, 2008 22:04  

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