23 August, 2008


Well, I put the bits of crashed car back together again, and it even looks something like a car, so that's good. That was a long day, though.

Now the weekend has come and I have to put together a paper or two for the Melbourne Writers Festival this week. I've written tomorrow's and Monday's, but they have to be rewritten conversationally. Then I've got to choose a couple of readings, and put together something for the Writers Who Read panel on Wednesday - which is why it's handy that I've woken up this morning with formative books popping into my head. Steven has brought me coffee and the internets, so there really is no excuse, with a keyboard at my fingertips, not to go over to my panels document and start throwing this list in.

Then there is packing (of every warm garment I own) and general organising to do.

Oh, and some strenuous reading of newspapers. :)


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