18 July, 2009


Phew, now we can stop for a day, and hop out of the car and walk around, and look at things slowly instead of having them blur by. Yesterday we drove through the Adirondacks, and really, it was just one long green tunnel. It was not like experiencing the Adirondacks. It was not like holidaying in the Adirondacks. It was like having a very quick, crazy dream about the Adirondacks, complete with outlandish gift shop.

The reading last night went very well, as did the Q&A this morning; I didn't cry at either. :) They were both well attended, by both current MFA students and alumni—oh, and faculty. After the reading there was a reception, and Bear Pond Books now have a small pile of signed books if you missed both events and need copies.

Tomorrow morning I'll be signing at Flying Pig Bookstore in Shelburne, which we drove past on the way here yesterday after we got off the Essex–Charlotte ferry. Just after that we were hailed on, then just teemed on for a while, as we crept along the I189/I89 to Montpelier. This morning it was foggy and cool, but I think it will steam up later.

So, still having a wonderful time. Haven't read email yet, though—anything might be waiting over there. Will let you know.


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