15 July, 2009

Margo in Chicago

Actually, I'm not in Chicago any more, but halfway across Ohio on the way to Vermont.

It's warm here; the perfect temperature. I've thawed out from the Sydney winter, although I haven't got properly sunburnt yet.

The Chicago weekend was an absolute whirl of head-swelling encounters and events. There seemed to be more meals than usually occur in 3 days—although, now, surprisingly, we're hungry again, after our day's driving. In fact, I'm going to have to put off this update until after we go in to Andy's Chinese Dragon and have dinner, and before we pass out from jetlag and extended partying.

In the meantime, greetings to all those straggling home after ALA—I only saw a tiny corner of it, but it looked like a great convention.


Blogger Gwenda said...

It is so unfair that you're going up to Montpelier the residency AFTER I graduated. ::shakes fist at sky:: But everyone there is wonderful and you'll have a great time.

15 July, 2009 11:07  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Yes, I'm annoyed at that too, Gwenda! But we'll meet someday, for sure.

16 July, 2009 21:10  

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