17 August, 2010

Life is slightly too full...

...of Vogel reading (2 more MSS to go!).

...of Lit Board application reading, thwarted slightly by me dropping my laptop, so I'm continuing on my son's high-school-issue ThinkPad with about an eighth of the screen display missing.

...of the day-job, which now looks to be going on until Christmas.

..of socialising, though I'm not complaining about that, or about weekends at the beach. That's a good kind of fullness.

...and of school visits. Greetings, Abbotsleigh girls! What a fantastic festival you're having. And what a pleasant audience, full of questions and willing to laugh at my jokes. Very kind of you.

I hope everyone else's life is slightly less full, leaving them time for reading-for-pleasure, and of course writing.


Anonymous lafa14 said...

My goodness! I never thought writers had such a busy life! You write fantastic stories and your blog posts are just as creative and interesting. Good luck in your busy schedule!!

16 September, 2010 06:25  
Blogger Unknown said...

Ohhhh my you hav an extremely busy schedule! I like how you are able to write such wonderful stories that i am glad i have read. I hope you have time to write more because i look forward to reading them ! :)

17 September, 2010 01:34  
Blogger Unknown said...

It's very interesting to see the way the life of the author played out with the same problems that we would have! I read your short story Singing my Sister Down. It was very interesting the way it drew me in with this natural fascination in human grief. Heres a link to my blog if you have the time to check it out!

17 September, 2010 02:07  

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