08 October, 2010

NSW Writers' Centre workshop

Sydney people! I'm running a writing workshop, 'Leaping in the Dark: The Craft of Story', at the NSW Writers' Centre on Sunday week. It's six hours' worth of inspiration and hard work.

It's the last workshop I'll be doing for a while—I'm taking at least a year off from workshopping after this—so get in while you can. Bookings are 'strong', they tell me, but there are still some places left.


Blogger Greg G said...

Aw, man... I'm working that weekend!

08 October, 2010 11:07  
Blogger Thumbnail said...

I went last year. Well worth it!

17 October, 2010 15:49  
Blogger The Scarlet Tree said...

Where'd the course go! I just went to enrol and it is gone :(

04 November, 2010 07:43  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Scarlet Tree, that's because 'Sunday week' from 8 October was 17th October. Sorry, should have been more date-specific in the post.

04 November, 2010 18:40  

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