25 May, 2012

May to June

It was nice to dabble around the edges of Sydney Writers' Fest over the weekend. Both panels I was on had good sizeable audiences with smart questions at the ready; both chairs chaired like champs, both sets of fellow panellists were a pleasure to panelise with.

Now it's back to novel-writing as much as I can in a fairly cluttered life, until, in a fortnight, Continuum 8 down in Melbourne, which will be a different, more spec-ficky kind of fun, with some relatives-visiting thrown in as well. Then, June looks fairly clear for the writing, and so does July, except for a spot of root canal therapy and then, right at the end, this workshop in Fiji, where I hope to thaw out sufficiently to be inspiring about writing from your innermost soul.

Mind you, ahead of time, all months look "fairly clear for the writing" until I get up close, and then one thing after another gets in the way. And honest, it's not all socialising and frivolity! I tend to forget, for example, that stories, nay, collections, will need their copyediting or their proofs combed through at some point—right now I'm going through the US Yellowcake copyedits, which are showing me up for the scatterbrained, completely whimsical, just-pleasing-myself, addicted-to-hyphens writer I am. So far, one small and one large embarrassment have been brought to light, in stories that have both been published twice previously. Aargh.

In less mortifying news, a German deal is in the offing for Tender Morsels and Sea Hearts/Brides, which is wonderful. So this time next year, maybe I'll be blogging from sunny Berlin instead of chilly Lewisham.


Blogger Bonnee Crawford said...

Writing festivals are awesome, I would much like to go to one...

I would love to have something published and find that it's good enough that people in other countries want to read it. :)

30 May, 2012 17:15  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

It's a pretty good feeling, Bonnee.

01 June, 2012 08:44  

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