13 August, 2005

Post-implementation assessment of novel-avoidance strategies

1. I went to the dentist. I don't have the monstrous abscess I thought I must have, but I may be grinding my teeth in the night and making the tooth sensitive. I also now have very clean teeth. So that was worthwhile.

2. I found the room. $140. Share bathroom, but the bathroom is spick and span, and as I'll only be there in the daytime it shouldn't be too bad. Room is smallish, with a tiny cupboard-sized kitchen (that's where all the windows are, too), also sparkling clean. 5 minutes walk from home. Quiet street, quiet neighbours. Mine, all mine! Well, I expect to sign the lease on Tuesday.

3. Took Jack surfing. Took novel, too, so as a strategy this one was less than successful. Never mind. There was an hour and a half's driving, during which I made no progress on the rewrite.

4. The story was well and truly faffed, and now is simmering quietly in its folder so that all its flavours can merge properly.

Yeah, I've pretty much run out of excuses, I think.


Blogger Tessa said...

Does your jaw and neck hurt? I found those to be the more attention-demanding symptoms of teeth grinding.

Next dentist appointment for me is in a couple of weeks. One of my canines seems determed to get rid of the gum holding it in place, which is worrying.

13 August, 2005 16:30  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

One whole corner of my jaw hurt, and the pain seemed to be focussed, and to throb, in the one tooth (which had a tiny crack in the surface, but only superficial - so far...). Neck unaffected, although my neck is never entirely comfortable. Always a bit crunchy.

As for the gums, my canines are looking positively vampirical. If it weren't for the fact that my teeth have freakishly long roots and are unlikely ever to loosen. I'd be worried.

13 August, 2005 16:39  
Blogger Tessa said...

Cracked? Ack. No wonder it hurts. Possibly you should sleep with a pillow in your mouth.

14 August, 2005 11:27  
Blogger Jonathan said...

Vampirical? Wow. Sorry you won't be making it to World Fantasy, but glad to hear the writing place is working out. Are you going to personalise it and make it a writing space, or leave it very much as an office?

15 August, 2005 09:13  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Tessa: Tried the pillow in the mouth. My dear, the dreams I had! Actually the crack is not as bad as it sounds. The dentist said it's more like the crazing on the glaze of a piece of pottery than a crack going right down to the nerve. If I can stay calm and not grind, it may not get any worse than that. She has painted it with some stuff and smoothed off that point of the tooth. No pain since - there's nothing like the placebo effect.

Jonathan: First I'm going to dance around it whooping loudly. Then I'm going to go and buy the cheapest table I can find (Officeworks, $69). Then I'm going to drag the spare office chair and the Little Peach file up there, and CLOSE THE DOOR, probably whoop again, and start serious work. Actually, serious work has taken place today in terms of going through critiques and making notes on how to proceed. But having a space to spread out in, that doesn't get disturbed at mealtimes, will be blissful.

I suspect, in the end, the room will end up looking more like a storage cupboard with a desk in than either a personalised writing space or an office. But there will probably be a pinboard covered with bits and pieces relevant to the Work In Progress, and a rug, and a jug for that all-important mid-morning coffee.

I sign the lease tomorrow at 9.30.

15 August, 2005 14:27  

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