28 July, 2005

The short stories


July was supposed to be short story month. After delivering the 1st draft of the novel to its readers, I was supposed to launch into Red Spikes and have a good rewrite of all 10 stories.

Didn't even come close. It turned into a bitsy month. School holidays for the first two weeks may have had something to do with it - back to getting up at 6 to beat the interruptions, giving up mid-morning. A couple of days I worked at the library, but there was no consistent pattern of hours worked.

I did draft 3 new stories. One of them is wrong, wrong, wrong, but I've started on a better version of it (tightish deadline hanging overhead). One of them is OK and needs no more than a couple of rounds of revision (fortunately, that's the one with the tightest deadline). One of them is OK but may actually be 3 stories crammed into one.

No work done on Red Spikes stories at all. I've carried the folder around a lot, and it looks very battered, almost as if I have been working on it, but no. No progress there.

Next spell working on it will be October-November. The first week of October will also be school holidays.

Sometimes writing is easy. Sometimes just getting the time to write is like trying to fight your way out of a large wet zipped-up canvas tent that's collapsed on top of you.


Blogger Sherryl said...

Hi Margo
that is so true. I am also collapsed under the tent, struggling with rewrites. Why are endings so difficult?
Hope you enjoy Byron Bay.
I try to keep my blog positive, but sometimes I just want to have a great big whinge!
Now I've found your blog I'll keep reading.

31 July, 2005 20:23  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Hi Sherryl and welcome! I mostly find writerly blog-whinges pretty entertaining, so don't hold back on my account! :) It all helps counter the isolation.

(Disappears off to Sherryl's blog...)

08 August, 2005 23:16  
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