21 February, 2006

Not perfect after all

Elizabeth Bear is less impressed with my powerful beast of an imagination. She thinks it's pretty, but tends to run around in circles and occasionally lose its way.
The writing is stunningly beautiful, the stories sometimes piquantly observant. But Lanagan's sense of rhythm and mine don't mesh. I see where her beats fall, and then she carries the story on after the kicker, as if she doesn't quite know how to arrange things so that the necessary information falls before the final downbeat, or as if she doesn't quite trust the reader to get the epiphany (all her stories in this are epiphantic rather than climactic, if you know what I mean) without having it 'splained. Also, after a while, though the situation of each story was interesting and unique, they all started to sound alike to me: character walks through brief, interestingly-worldbuilt situation. Character undergoes epiphany. Narrative explains epiphany. fin.
Sigh. I guess I'll just have to settle for doing stunningly beautiful and piquantly observant.


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