13 February, 2006

Today's news

  • I finished compiling the 2004-2005 tax info for the accountant.

  • In the middle of the day, I saw a house burn down - I thought it was only a couple of streets away, but it was actually about a kilometre. I followed the smoke and watched from the end of the street with all the neighbours and passers-by, while the roof burned.

  • A package arrived from HarperCollins/Eos containing page proofs of White Time, bound page proofs also, and the paperback edition of Black Juice. These had some of the awards listed on the covers ("Two times World Fantasy Award Winner" - whee!) but were printed too late for the Printz seals. Still, they look great. Below is the new paperback (with seal).

  • No writing unrelated to tax was done.


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