29 November, 2006

The Lost Shimmaron series

Here is Tansy Rayner Roberts' Seacastle, the first book in the ROR junior fiction series, The Lost Shimmaron, for which I've just finished the draft of the second book, The Singing Stones of Scintillon.

Readers of this blog will remember me making optimistic noises about finishing Scintillon during September. When I emailed off the draft on Sunday night, the release of tension was so great that almost as soon as I clicked 'Send' I started getting those little twinkly things in my eyes that warn me a migraine is on its way. I haven't had more than the warnings for ages, and I nipped this one in the bud with a Mersyndol and a night's sleep.

I can recommend the sleep treatment. It seems to fix most things. Excellent, healthy form of work avoidance, too. I would add that it's very hard to injure yourself while asleep if I didn't have recent memories of a woman being wheeled into the RPA Acute Ward having broken her arm falling out of bed. (Strangely, what really annoyed her were the rails on either side of the hospital bed, holding her in so it didn't happen again.) Sleep often, but sleep carefully, people.


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