29 November, 2006


OK, enough with the glums. A Nice Deal is in the offing for Red Spikes and The Novel in the US. It looks as if Red Spikes will come out around September 2007, The Novel maybe a year later. The Novel at this point is about 80 pages of rough-as-bags draft. Blogging about it will be limited to boring numbers, just in case it shoots itself down in flames (again).

It's three weeks since the bike accident and the collarbone's improving, but a cracked rib made itself felt after 5 days, and that's been more painful than the shoulder. Next check-up is 13 December, when I hope to see a nicely knitting clavicle on the X-ray. In the meantime, sneezing hurts! I can type OK and write OK with the right elbow supported, but the brain is taking a while to get back up to speed after being smacked down onto Edgeware Road. I don't have any trouble with insomnia, even if I nap during the day. I could sleep for Australia at the moment.

Now, people in Sydney, I don't know about elsewhere, but Galaxy Bookshop have a lovely pile of all three story collections right now, the new one and the new-covered White Time and Black Juice. Ideal Christmas gift, to self and others. If you're going to go hog-wild at Galaxy, make sure you swing by the L shelf.


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