03 July, 2007

My July

Okay, this is the setup for July:
  1. Tender Morsels is due at Allen & Unwin at the end of July.

  2. I meet Lee to read aloud a chapter (possibly most of chapter 11, which I've been working on the last few days) tomorrow at two.

  3. I meet the full draft-buster workshop on the weekend of 14–15 July.

  4. I have the merest whisker of tech. writing to complete, this week or next.

  5. I have to (start and) finish a short story in July, and (rewrite) a different short story in August.

  6. I'm attending a week-long workshop 30 July–3 August, so 'the end of July' effectively means getting the ms. into the email box by start of business 30 July.
I think all this should be okay if I'm very, very careful. Being careful means no drinking on weeknights; going for regular bike rides; doing stretches every second day; turning up at the writing desk every morning and Just Doing It.

Right now I'm finishing the revision I started in April–May, which is a combination surface edit and notes-for-later. It's kind of merged with the next revision, which will be all about getting the balance of the characters' story-threads right - i.e. the mother's at the centre, the daughters' taking over at the end - and all the different voices consistent.

I'm going to blog daily on my progress just to reassure myself that I'm moving.

*reaches virtuously for glass of water*

*goes to bed for 8 hours' sleep*


Anonymous Anonymous said...


The group of us who did the Summer Blog Blast Tour are planning an Aussie Day in August - and one of the sites would like to interview you and talk about your books (both new and old).

They put in a request through RH but I thought I'd ask you direct. If you would like to be part of Aussie Day, please send me an email.


Colleen Mondor - aka Chasing Ray


04 July, 2007 17:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm - I think maybe I should have added that Gwenda Bond is one of the ones (along with Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast) who wants to interview you!


05 July, 2007 06:30  

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