05 July, 2007

No more than a note or two...

...was written today. It was all tech. writing, supermarket shopping, banking, emailing, chatting... It's school and TAFE holidays, so both boyz are home. No exercise and bugger all writing. But because of my new abstemious-weeknights habit, I may get something done this evening, you never know.

A few bloggers around the place are grumping about other bloggers putting snippets of their writing up on their blogs, but I'm a keen snippet reader. Often a snippet is a better clue to where a blogger/writer's head is than, say, a paragraph like the previous one. And sometimes, when it comes to blogging and you've just been off in that other world the past few hours, the most recent few images really are the best record of your existence that day. I don't care if they ever get published. So please, snippet on, people.


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