08 July, 2007

Today's work...

...was pretty light-on, because it was Sunday, and there was a large Lebanese meal in Lakemba to take on board, as well as a late night (the Tour de France is on and the coverage here started at 11.55 p.m.) and a little wine (we went out for dinner) to get over.

But I did type in two scenes I drafted ages ago and finally decided to include. This brings the total wordage to more than 110,000. *boggle*

I also printed an outline. You can't do this directly from Scrivener (which, since Steven put the new RAM in, has been working like a dream), but it looks fine and is usable as screen grabs of the overall and chapter outlines in a Word document.

Here are the scene synopses of the first chapter. As you can see, it is full of jolly japes, hi-jinks and super fun. :)

Apart from this there was some judicious sorting and paper-clipping done in the Notes and Research Notes folder, just to make sure that there weren't any sneaky To-Do lists hiding down the back.

So now I'm all set to get serious again tomorrow.


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