08 July, 2007


Was Saturday, but some mapping went on. Now I have all the scenes I need in the last chapter, which was a chapter and an epilogue, but is now merged into a seven-scene chapter.

I also made notes on some of the earlier chapters. Makes me a bit toey to have these only in Scrivener, being such a hard-copy addict. I must work out how you print outlines and notes from Scrivener. Or learn how to relax about it!

The health regimen has gone well this week - 2 lots of stretches, 3 bike rides, no grog except Friday and Saturday night. *pats self on head* One effect has been that I haven't needed an afternoon nap to get through the day since Tuesday, and I've been able to do a bit of work in the evenings, after tea. This week I'm looking to do 3 lots of stretches, 4 rides, and avoid the grog until Friday. And work longer days, like, afternoons as well as mornings? That way I might get the bulk of the revision work done this week. That would be nice...

And yes, I'm aware that this is deeply boring. Bear with me. It's only for three weeks more.


Blogger Cat Sparks said...

Nope, sorry, this is all WAY too boring for me. I'm leaving right now. Gonna go read something interesting, like the back of a frozen dumpling packet.

08 July, 2007 11:33  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Oh my gaad, the zombie dumplings have invaded my blog! *screams fading into the distance*

08 July, 2007 11:44  

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