18 August, 2007

Un-embargoed news II

Finally I managed to find a site that Safari could read, here, so that I could check that I was able to tell you the news that Red Spikes is nominated for the Australian Short Story Collection – Arts Queensland Steele Rudd Award, as part of the Queensland Premier's Literary Awards. Also shortlisted are Cate Kennedy for Dark Roots (Scribe), David Malouf for Every Move You Make (Random House UK) and Ryan O’Neill for A Famine in Newcastle (Ginninderra Press).

D'you think Cate and I should start up a hair salon together?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was trying to make my way through your blog to say hello, but there are all these shining awards and honors blinding me so that whenever I tried to post it seemed that my fingers were on the wrong keys and it ended up looking like this: Vpmhtsyi;syopmd!!! (Shift fingers one key to the right on home row to decode the message. Actually, don't bother; it's not worth the effort.)

I'm so pleased that your work is receiving such plaudits. Truly, it's like nothing else I've read, and I mean that in a good way, and although the thought of living inside your head is one that I find quite terrifying, the stories that come out of it are amazing and wonderful.

Yes, do start a hair salon with Cate; I will sign up for an appointment immediately, but don't forget the plan to produce a literary dynasty by breeding our offspring. In the meantime, I'm delighted and honored to share cover credit with you in CLICK and hope our paths will cross again very soon. All best. --Linda Sue

18 August, 2007 23:51  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

I know, I'm pretty dazzling at the moment. Sorry. But it's great to hear from you and to see that Click is up and running. I look forward to spiking up your hair at the salon (using either stories or product) and having a good hair-dresserly gossip at the same time. And don't worry *wink, wink* I haven't forgotten our grandmotherly plans.

Thanks for visiting!

19 August, 2007 16:06  

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