27 January, 2008

Look-a-me, look-a-me...

...over in the Washington Post, where Paul Di Filippo reviews Red Spikes. He questions its being pitched at readers 14 and up:
Aside from the fact that many of the protagonists herein are youths, I'm not sure about the need or accuracy of pitching Lanagan's complex, resonant, mature fables in this fashion. True, any bright, sensitive teen will immediately latch on to these emotive tales like a free-falling person snatching a parachute. But these are the kind of high-quality stories that will vibrate the nerves and heartstrings of readers of all ages.
And he-says-he-says:
Lanagan is one of those rare writers of miniaturist intensity who is forging a name and career solely on her short fiction. A novel from her is much anticipated.
Novel's on its way, Paul.


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