18 April, 2008

Starry Rift—you know you want it.

The Strahan-edited The Starry Rift: Tales of NudeNew Tomorrows actually came out yesterday, so now we can say, 'Yes, it's true! The future is nudenew!

If you're one of the few people in the world who haven't read the Table of Contents, crawl out from under your rock and read this:

  1. "Repair Kit" by Stephen Baxter
  2. "Anda's Game" by Cory Doctorow
  3. "Lost Continent" by Greg Egan
  4. "The Dismantled Invention of Fate" by Jeffrey Ford
  5. "Orange" by Neil Gaiman
  6. "Sundiver Day" by Kathleen Ann Goonan
  7. "Cheats" by Gwyneth Jones
  8. "An Honest Day's Work" by Margo Lanagan
  9. "The Surfer" by Kelly Link
  10. "Incomers" by Paul McAuley
  11. "The Dust Assassin" by Ian McDonald
  12. "Infestation" by Garth Nix
  13. "The Star Surgeon's Apprentice" by Alastair Reynolds.
  14. "Post-Ironic Stress Syndrome" by Tricia Sullivan
  15. "Ass-Hat Magic Spider" by Scott Westerfeld
  16. "Pinocchio" by Walter Jon Williams

I've read them all, and I tell you, there's not a dud in it.
And there's a website, and everything. Although you've missed the free-copies competition. Now you will have to go out and buy.


Blogger Greg G said...

Ok, I shall go out and do so.

21 April, 2008 11:04  

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