29 August, 2008


In the comments here, Judi pointed me towards this Tender Morsels review at Reading Rants:
What I have described here barely scratches the surface of the captivating, complex world Aussie author Lanagan has created. Pushing the boundaries of YA literature, this dark, violent fairy tale, containing elements of everything from The Color Purple to the Grimm Brothers’ Bearskin, is rife with themes of memory, identity, lost childhood, family and what it means to grow up. You will need to digest these Tender Morsels for yourself to discover the magnetic power of her dense, gorgeous prose. Deeply imaginative and beautifully written, this is easily one of the best books of 2008.


Blogger Unknown said...

Sounds like its going to be a great read. I'll be buying a copy.

Jeremy Kelly


29 August, 2008 06:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YAY! Thanks for posting my Reading Rants review on your blog, Margo. I've always been a fan--we met when I was on the Printz committee for Black Juice:) I have been looking forward to Tender Morsels since I heard of it, and it exceeded all my expectations. Thanks for writing it--it was an awesome reading experience.

29 August, 2008 22:05  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Onyer, Jeremy - and thanks, Jen! Have you had much wear out of your dashing yellow bowling shirt? :)

01 September, 2008 17:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, it's my usual "casual Friday" attire:) How about you?

03 September, 2008 20:03  

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