08 September, 2008

3rd star for Tender Morsels—from Publishers Weekly

...who say:
In her extraordinary and often dark first [tee-hee!] novel, award-winning story writer Lanagan creates two worlds: the first a preindustrial village that might have sprung from a Brueghel canvas [...] the second a personal heaven [plot recount here...] a dwarf or “littlee man,” in Lanagan's characteristically knotted parlance, slips in and out of her world in search of treasure [more plot...]. Writing in thick, clotted prose that holds the reader to a slow pace, Lanagan explores the savage and the gentlest sides of human nature, and how they coexist. With suggestions of bestiality and sodomy, the novel demands maturity—but the challenging text will attract only an ambitious audience anyway. Ages 14–up.
Let's just hope that ambitious audience numbers in the bazillions, eh. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kirkus also starred this today, bringing the total up to four starred reviews. :-)

09 September, 2008 01:57  

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