16 October, 2008

VOYA review of Tender Morsels

Sarah Flowers says it's:
... brilliant ... Lanagan creates a rich and complex world, packed with fully realized characters. Her writing is so beautiful that even the most brutal and painful scenes are not graphic or sordid but heartbreaking. Older teens, especially fans of fairy-tale retellings, will want to immerse themselves in Liga's two worlds. This book is one that will stay with the reader for a long time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that the writing is very beautiful, and Lanagan has an ingenious way of dealing with the disturbing stuff.
I am curious about one thing: Was Lanagan inspired by a fairy-tale? The more I read (I am now in the part where the bear meets Liga & kids), the more I was reminded of a fairy-tale by the brothers Grimm called (in German) "SchneeweiƟchen und Rosenrot" (=Snow-White and Rose-Red). It even has a scene where a wicked dwarf describes the two girls as "tender morsels".
If Lanagan was inspired by this, I greatly admire what she did with this tale.

18 October, 2008 14:55  

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