10 April, 2009

Let me see, now...

What have I been up to this April?

Well, there was work - short weeks' worth of it. I had a couple of days bureaucratting at the end of last week and then a weekend in Melbourne that took in Monday as well, and now Easter is here. This seems like a good amount of dayjobbing to me. 'Nother short week next week. Purr.

Melbourne was cold - one could have worn a coat and not looked stupid. It felt like walking around a foreign city, after sweaty Sydney. The air is quite different down there.

It was all family and fun, no writerly talks or panels to get nervous about.

I have seen the TWO UK covers for Tender Morsels. Not sure if I can show them to you yet - I'll ask. No, I don't think I did say here that it's coming out from 2 divisions of Random House: David Fickling Books and Jonathan Cape, for younger and older readers respectively. The DFB one is kind of besmirched-girl-with-a-pearl-earring, only without the earring - there was an earring for a minute there, but we got rid of it. Jeremy Caniglia, who did the Red Spikes cover, has worked his magic again. The Cape one has a faintly A. A. Milne look about it at a distance, but get up close and you see that the bear has teeth and claws, and the girls have a touch of Goth about them, and the blue background is not innocent sky but quite violent brushwork with some crows being thrown about in it. Very different interpretations - both from each other and from the Aus and US versions.

I've been lying awake this morning trying to think up a Gothic story set in Australia, but not rural Australia.

I've been over at Fangs, Fur and Fey, reading about everyone's plotting techniques. This is the best way to procrastinate, yet still feel as if you might learn something useful for your next book. :)

It's Good-Friday quiet outside car-traffic-wise, but we're getting a lot of planes going over.

Four days of freedom, and nothing planned - yay!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Margo
Have just had to read/review Tender Morsels for School LIbrary Journal battle of the books and I was absolutely blown away it. Think you've caused an explosion of the genre -- there isn't another book around like it, or half as good.
Would love to send you what I wrote -- my e-mail is megrosoff@blueyonder.co.uk.
Keep thinking we met in Sydney/Melbourne last year but perhaps I'm going mad.
Yrs, in abject admiration, meg

11 April, 2009 23:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Miss Lanagan. I've recently decided to buy "Tender Morsels" after reading selections of it and very much look forward to it. I was hoping you could tell me a little about "Red Spikes"? Mainly, how brutal is it? Is it worse in gore/brutal content than "Tender Morsels"? Could you describe the stories at all? Thank you

20 April, 2009 14:53  

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