28 July, 2009

interviews she done conducted

Raych, my very favouritest online stalker and reviewer, has put up the interview she hauled out of me, first instalment just before I left and second instalment in the last hotel I stayed in in the US. It's almost as much fun as her initial review.


Blogger raych said...

HA! I was just going to email you and be all, Interview up! It would appear that you are a ninja.

30 July, 2009 05:05  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

No, it's Google Alert that gives me my ninja-like powers.

30 July, 2009 14:48  
Anonymous Jen Hubert said...

Oh, I thought I was your favorite internet stalker:) Glad to see you made it safely back in the land of "toilets" instead of "restrooms" Looks like Vermont was fun!

30 July, 2009 21:31  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

No, Jen, you're my favourite person-to-swap-drinks-with, 'member? (We saw an American woman say 'toilet' on TV the other day... but she paused and clearly tried to think of an alternative first. And she was talking about the ecologically sound toilets in her ecologically sound house, so 'restrooms' wasn't really an option.)

31 July, 2009 15:04  

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