13 December, 2009

'Grisly relish'—curses, she's onto me!

Here's a great review by one of Raych's mates:
But the sort of suppressed sexuality barely hinted at in the original is in Lanagan's book explored with a great deal of confidence (and sometimes rather grisly relish) for the book begins and ends with gang rape and there's a whole bunch of alternately compelling and disturbing looks at human-animal sex in between.

If you're disturbed by the notion of human-animal sex being compelling, just make yourself feel better by thinking of this book as saying something allegorically about the limits of human civilization and what lies beneath the surface. I'm sure this book, and most other fairy tales, function primarily at the level of the allegorical, but Tender Morsels is so good - and so uncomfortably so at points - precisely because it keeps the allegorical so earthly and literally immediate.


Blogger raych said...

HaZAAR! Let them all read and enjoy and be disturbed!

14 December, 2009 04:05  
Anonymous Duncan Clark said...

Totally off topic, but I don't have your email address. Have you seen "The decade's best unread books" in today's Guardian? Assorted "publishing insiders" narrow the best-of-the-best down to twelve, including "...Black Juice by Margo Lanagan." Yes!

17 December, 2009 15:50  

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