28 January, 2010

The NZ juggernaut begins to rumble to life...

...with this article by Laura Kroetsch, who tells you what books to read in preparation for the New Zealand Post Writers and Readers Week in March:
We are thrilled to be hosting Neil Gaiman, the literary superstar, and Margo Lanagan, the Australian writer whose recent novel, Tender Morsels, has done that remarkable trick of ‘crossing over’ to adult readers. Both Gaiman and Lanagan are fabulous writers and even those who don’t think they like fantasy should give them a go
She doesn't actually tell you that Neil and I will be on the same panel, chaired by Kate de Goldi. I will just sit there and be fangirlish at both of them, but they, being responsible adults, will talk about how we shouldn't sugar-coat children's literature. I'm sure it'll be a fun, possibly rude, panel, so if you happen to be in Wellington, come by!

Also, I'll be on a panel about story and hi-story with Daniel Kehlmann and Simon Schama. This one will be totally terrifying, so if you could come by and laugh at my lame jokes, I'd be very grateful.

Also, you'll be able to spend An Hour With Margo Lanagan, you lucky thing, at some stage. Details of all these adventures to follow pretty soon, I think.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bugger! I'll be back in NZ in March, but it will be a family thing in Auckland.
Kudos to you, Ms. Lanagan, for continuing to write good stories despite(or because of?) some negative reviews.

I have yet to read Tender Morsels, but it's on my list.

28 January, 2010 21:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooh! Vote for me at the SJVs!

I'll also be in NZ in March, also for a family thing. Like to see what you think of a NZ Con too.

28 January, 2010 22:02  
Blogger magpie bessie said...

I am a bit far to be able to join you, but oh I so wish I could! I am sure that both discussions will be fun/interesting for you and your audience. (Neil Gaiman! oh my!) I am a great fan of Tender Morsels, and agree wholeheartedly that childrens literature(well, the good kids lit) is written with the understanding/expectation that children like to be challenged and that they are very good at playing catchup all by themselves. I am a 40-something, but I would have loved your book just as much, if not more for its honesty and trust of your reader, had I been in my teens. Thank you and enjoy your NZ jaunt!

29 January, 2010 00:20  
Anonymous Alan said...

What great panels! Have fun.

29 January, 2010 17:44  

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