28 September, 2010

The cab rank

I re-did the back end of the story that needed it and sent it off for feedback from the editor. So far have heard good things, but more notes are to come. One product of this crazy rash of deadlines I'm trying to meet is that I find I'm allowing/asking editors to have a say on stories, whereas before I'd just battle through that stage stories sometimes pass through where they have to shatter and be rebuilt, all by myself, and send the finished product at the end pretending it sprang fully formed from my head.

This week I have to finish the story for Yellowcake that will increase its quotient of lovingkindness, at the request of Knopf. It's drafted end-to-end, but needs amplification, and it has one broken wing (or, one only partially existent wing) that needs re/construction.

Then I've got to write a set of 4 stories about...something. I've got the first one planned. They don't have to be connected, but they can be, if I want. I'll write the first one and then see what idea pounces on me next.

Oh yes, and those novel revisions. Must start on those, come October.


Blogger firedancer731 said...

What is the next novel that you are working on? I absolutely loved Tender Morsels. One of the top ten books I have ever read. And I have read LOTS of books. Beautiful story with LOTS of surprising. I simply can't wait for your next piece of art.

29 September, 2010 07:31  
Blogger firedancer731 said...

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29 September, 2010 07:31  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

The one I'm revising is about selkies, and is provisionally titled The Brides of Rollrock Island (that will probably change...sigh). The one after that, that I hope to begin in the New Year, is another fantasy, set in Ireland, a ship, and New South Wales in colonial times.

29 September, 2010 07:58  
Blogger AA said...

dude, i will have to check out ur book, tender morsels!
i'm an aspiring writer and u hav just made me jealous. u have a lot of motivation :)

check mine?

04 October, 2010 11:38  

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