31 October, 2010

Reading, riting, revising

More books read:
  • Anonymity Jones, by James Roy
  • Gravel, by Peter Goldsworthy
  • The Three Loves of Persimmon, by Cassandra Golds

Books begun:
  • So I am Glad, by A. L. Kennedy
  • Sixty Lights, by Gail Jones

As for writing, I've mostly revised the first of the 3 sections of The Brides of Rollrock Island, and started in on the middle section, which is where all the major revisions have to take place. So far I've got about 9000 words of that mid-section, both new and remodelled; there's another large chunk of remodelling to do, then two completely new chunks to write, not sure what size.

I had to pause on the short-story writing while I got back into the novel, so nothing new there.

Today I went to Draftbusters (ooh, there's a picture of meā€”haven't had hair that long for a while) for the first time in nearly a year, just for the company and to hear about other people's mad projects instead of staring bug-eyed at my own. That was healthy.

Walked about 10km yesterday. That was healthy, too. Did you know it's nearly summer out there? I got a tiny bit sunburnt, even.


Blogger Astrid said...

Ooohhh! Thanks for sharing about Draftbusters. Looks like something I'll have to check out in the near future.

31 October, 2010 18:55  
Anonymous Brody Travis said...

Thannk you for sharing this

04 January, 2024 14:10  

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