24 June, 2011

From the Twilight zone

Well, what do you know, here I am in Forks, Washington. I'm not even a Twilight fan, but it's fascinating to see how the books have invaded the town. I'm staying in the hotel that says "Edward Cullen did not sleep here!" so I should be pretty safe from infection/attack. We arrived yesterday, and explored the Hoh Rain Forest and Second Beach at La Push today. Tomorrow we'll move on south.

All this is part of a lengthy ramble around Washington State, with perhaps some incursions into Oregon. We caught the Coast Starlight up from LA last Wednesday week and noodled around in Seattle for three days, shopping and acclimatising, looking in the odd museum and gallery. Then we went off to Whidbey Island and then across to Port Townsend, along the top of the Olympic Peninsula to Cape Flattery, the most north-westerly point of the US. On to Forks etc.

One more week's worth of sightseeing and it'll be Clarion West time—the new class will just be being broken in by Paul Park at this point.

No, it's true, I'm not getting a lot of writing done. :)


Blogger Unknown said...

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24 June, 2011 15:10  
Blogger raych said...

*waves from slightly north and slightly west*

25 June, 2011 00:16  
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