29 July, 2011

I know, I know.

It's been a long, travelaceous time between blog posts and there is no excuse except that the days are not long enough.

I'm home in Sydney now. The US trip was brilliant. The writerly bit with the Clarion West students was inspiring and intense; the touristy bit was also inspiring, awe-inspiring a lot of it (America, you do things so big!), and the meeting-tweeps bit was a whole bunch of fun.

Now I must get straight back into writing—I owe the newly-WFA-nominated Alisa Krasnostein four stories, three of which are written and work, one of which still needs a good kick in the pants (I think I've got the setting right, but need to find a better story to put in it).

Also, A&U have been copyediting the selkies book. (I think it will probably end up being titled The Brides of Rollrock Island in the US, UK and Australia.) And the UK publisher has a few suggestions for the final draft, so in the next three weeks I'll be up to my ears in sea-slosh and witchery, fixing that up.

Also, I promised Arts NSW I would begin on the new novel in August, so despite the State Library's efforts to thwart me, I'll be throwing myself into research for that.

There's also reading (the Vogel longlist) to be done, so I must push aside the pile of books I bought in the US, and ignore all those enticing samples on my new Kindle, and apply my brain to that.

Oh yes, dayjob. A little bit of that every week, too.

Busy, busy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Lanagn:

I'm a librarian in Canada and I'm eagerly awaiting your next novel, Watered Silk, which I see in Library Journal is due soon...?


09 August, 2011 07:22  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Hi Amanda! The new novel will probably be published in Australia and the UK in February 2012. In North America, however, it's unlikely to make it out before September 2012. I'm pretty sure it won't end up being titled Watered Silk (there's been a lot of discussion about the title). It'll likely be Sea-Hearts in the UK and Aus markets, and The Brides of Rollrock Island in the US/Can.

Thanks for your interest! Working on getting the novel to you as soon as I can!

09 August, 2011 09:30  

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