17 August, 2011

Brisbane Writers Festival coming up

Because they've sent me some pix and info expressly for this purpose, let me tell you about the Brisbane Writers Festival!

Main news—I'll be there! I'll be there for two days of Word Play with the younger readers of Brisbane and surrounds, talking about how to think like an animal, build a fantasy world and write a short story.

Here's the Festival's text about themselves:

Brisbane Writers Festival 2011
7–11 September 2011

Readers, writers and ideas-makers from around the world join Queensland and Australian voices in conversations covering fiction to food writing, science to sustainability, and everything in between.

Share stories of adventure, history, music and memoir with your favourite writers, and discover new names along the way at a range of writer talks, book readings and feature events.

Indulge your inner-writer with creative and industry workshops for everyone from the novice to the experienced professional.

Relax with friends in air-conditioned venues, open-air tents and balmy spaces, or simply sit back with a new book and enjoy a coffee or drink at the Breezeway beer garden.
If you're in that part of the country, come along and get wordy, eh.


Blogger Sean Wright said...

Bugger I'll be there almost a month later to the day.

18 August, 2011 19:53  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Well, THAT's no use, is it?

(OMG, I just realised there's a your/you're error in this post. *rushes to fix*)

18 August, 2011 20:57  
Blogger Sean Wright said...

Lol happens to the best of us.

18 August, 2011 22:16  

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