19 August, 2011

Sound the trumpets! A selkie-novel cover!

As seen on Amazon UK.

Noice, innit. :)


Anonymous Tansy Rayner Roberts said...

It's beautiful!!!

I think I missed the memo of that being the title, though. Alack for Watered Silk!

19 August, 2011 19:01  
Blogger kate.o.d said...

i love it i love it i love it

19 August, 2011 19:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, that is just gorgeous.


19 August, 2011 19:33  
Blogger Alisa Krasnostein said...

So beautiful! Congratulations.

19 August, 2011 20:33  
Blogger raych said...

*eats, with eyes*

23 August, 2011 04:25  
Blogger firedancer731 said...

when will this be available in the States! :) I love your work!!!

24 August, 2011 04:11  
Blogger Suzie said...

Yes, when will it be available in the states? I would pre-order it now if I could! It's gorgeous!

26 August, 2011 23:35  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Thanks, everybody! firedancer731 and Suzie, the novel will be out in the States a little later, September 2012, and likely under a different title, The Brides of Rollrock Island.

28 August, 2011 05:51  
Blogger Sean Wright said...

Sea Hearts? Love the cover but Sea Hearts, not so sure of. Says romance to me? Please tell me there are flesh eating water horses :)

28 August, 2011 22:08  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Well, see those shadows in the upper corners? See the dark pool full of sinister weed? Note how the bride looks despairing rather than joyful? All is not well in this watery world...

29 August, 2011 09:35  
Blogger Sean Wright said...

For a minute there I had an urge to shoot clowns :)

29 August, 2011 20:22  

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