05 January, 2012

2011 publications

For my own and others' reference, here are the stories I published last year:
  • 'Catastrophic Disruption of the Head' (9800 words), in The Wilful Eye, vol. 1 of Tales from the Tower, ed. Isobelle Carmody and Nan McNab, Allen & Unwin
  • 'The Proving of Smollett Standforth' (4800), in Ghosts by Gaslight: Stories of Steampunk and Supernatural Suspense, ed. Jack Dann and Nick Gevers, HarperCollins
  • 'Mulberry Boys' (7500), in Blood and Other Cravings, ed. Ellen Datlow, Tor
  • 'Yon Horned Moon' (4800), in Anywhere But Earth, ed. Keith Stevenson, Coeur de Lion
If you can't get hold of any of these anthologies and would like a copy of a story, let me know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.

Update: You will need to leave me your email address, if you know I don't have it, if you want me to send you an e-copy of a story.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should all ask her for a free copy of Mulberry Boys.




05 January, 2012 13:32  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Have YOU had your mulberry leaves today, Thoraiya?

05 January, 2012 13:44  
Blogger Carolyn said...

I would love a copy of any of them that you have to give away

06 January, 2012 01:25  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Hi Carolyn,
I can't send you copies of the actual anthologies, but if you leave your email address in these comments, I can send you e-copies of my stories.
Best, Margo.

06 January, 2012 07:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*nom nom nom*

*vacuous stare*


06 January, 2012 19:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After reading the comments I am VERY intrigued by Mulberry Boys and would love to read it.

10 January, 2012 15:26  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Leave me your email address, Kate, and I'll send you a copy.

10 January, 2012 15:33  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Thoraiya: :D *gets silk-winding stick ready*

10 January, 2012 15:34  
Blogger wretchedkjell said...

Could I please have an eCopy of Mulberry Boys? I don't sleep anyhow!

10 January, 2012 17:16  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

wretchedkjell: You certainly may. Just leave me your email address and I'll send it.

10 January, 2012 17:35  
Blogger Tatiana (The Readventurer) said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11 January, 2012 04:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Margo. My email address is goldilocksjw [at] gmail.com Can't wait to read the story!

12 January, 2012 09:15  
Blogger Tatiana (The Readventurer) said...

I would love to receive a copy of all 4 stories, if it is possible. I am a huge fan.

Thank you so much!

tatiana.goodreads at gmail.com

13 January, 2012 00:32  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Hi Tatiana, I sent all four to you yesterday morning at the address you gave. Would you mind checking in your spam folder? If they're not there, I'll try sending them one at a time. Best, Margo.

13 January, 2012 06:10  
Blogger Tatiana (The Readventurer) said...

This is very odd, but I can't find your message in spam either:(

Would you mind resending to another email address maybe? tvgarshina at yahoo.com?

Thank you.

13 January, 2012 11:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Margo,
I don't know if you've sent me the story yet; I can see from the comments that you sent to someone after me, so maybe you did? But I haven't received it yet (and it's not in my trash). If you did send it, could I trouble you to trying resending to another address: katejw [at] ozemail.com.au?
Best wishes for a lovely weekend,

13 January, 2012 20:31  
Blogger Fence said...

Hi Margo,

Would love a copy of all four stories if that's not too greedy :)

My email is fencesitter AT gmail.com

I will look for the anthologies to buy as well, but I'm terrible and impatient

18 January, 2012 08:16  
Anonymous Kate said...

Hi Margo,

Ooh, thank you for this generous offer - could I ask for a copy of all four stories? My email is j0persha [at] gmail.com. (I shall make up for lost revenue when I go to spend my Xmas book vouchers at Dymocks!)


19 January, 2012 21:52  
Blogger Carolyn said...

HI! :)

it's strug34@gmail.com


27 January, 2012 02:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this generous offer still open Margo?
I have two of them but don't have Catastrophic and Yon Horned. I guess they're Aus Antho's? I got Yellowcake from Aus with no problems so will have to look them up. In the meantime... bill at L3R dot com with huge thanks.

03 February, 2012 06:45  

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