29 January, 2012

Sea Hearts/Brides book trailer

Look at this, my very first book trailer! I promise, I don't take up all the screentime; there are some very decorative, tantalising bits at the beginning!


Blogger Suzie said...

Thank you for sharing this! September can't come fast enough!!

31 January, 2012 01:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always found it fitting to talk of stories unravelling like yarn and characters colouring like dyes. Shall be hunting the bookstores for this one :)

11 February, 2012 14:09  
Blogger cleaunz said...

Will seek out your book for my daughter as a surprise gift. Avid reader and writer! Listened to the radio interview today on ABC RN and looked for more information on the book and found this. Great idea to have made this trailer and nice to put a face and personlaity to the author! Enjoyed the trailer very much!!!

09 April, 2012 22:04  

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