24 January, 2012

Sea Hearts/Brides first reviews

Just a few reviews have started to trickle out, getting the world ready for publication day (1 Feb here in Australia, 2 Feb in the UK). The Bookbag, in the UK, says that Brides is
"powerful, beautiful, dangerous, unsettling, truthful, earthy, challenging, poetic, wonderful, absorbing. I can't recommend it highly enough. Margo Lanagan has a unique, uncompromising and lyrical voice and she brings it to the folk myth of selkies in a soaring journey of passion and pain."
And Locus's Gary Wolfe is wonderfully thorough and thoughtful in a review now online here, finishing:
"Lanagan develops, without benefit of an external narrator or sidebar lectures, some sharp insights into female passivity and victimization (at least on the part of the seal-women), male fecklessness and almost helpless self-absorption[...], the complex relationships of parents and children, and the fragile negotiations between community and nature. Except for a few comments from distrustful mainlanders, we learn about Rollrock entirely from within, and for a while we seem to live there. It’s not always a pleasant vacation, but it’s a deeply illuminating one, and Sea Hearts may eventually be seen as some sort of masterpiece."
Also, my nephew says it's a tour de force. *waves to Finn*

Updated: Here in Australia, Sea Hearts will be in the shops next Monday, 30 January.


Blogger Jenni Moody said...

Squeee! Can't wait to read it. :) I shall have to finagle a UK copy. September is too long to wait for it in the US!

24 January, 2012 05:10  
Blogger Marg said...

Looking forward to seeing it in the shops.

24 January, 2012 10:24  
Blogger Peter Hollo said...

Excellent! I shall walk the one block up to Galaxy/Abbey's next Monday lunchtime and grab a copy.

24 January, 2012 16:21  
Blogger Kt said...


24 January, 2012 21:58  
Anonymous Sam-Ellen said...

I was very excited when I unpacked it at my bookstore (Book Bonding, Niddrie VIC)on Friday. Am looking to read it in the next few weeks and spreading the love instore.

29 January, 2012 14:30  

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