04 February, 2012

Adelaide Writers' Week honour

Every year, Adelaide Writers' Week is dedicated to an Australian writer. Past dedicatees include Judith Wright, A.D. Hope, Jessica Anderson, Colin Theile and Thomas Shapcott.

This year, to my very great pleasure and surprise, they've decided to dedicate Writers' Week to me. They've put up this seriously blush-worthy piece about me by Sean Williams on the Writers' Week website, by way introduction/invitation to the dedication interview/ceremony with Sean on Day One of the festival next month.

So if you're in Adelaide and even partway recovered from the previous night's festivities, please come down to the Pioneer Women's Memorial Garden at 9.30 a.m. and enjoy the spectacle.

(I'm tempted here to joke about crowns, robes and being carried around on people's shoulders, but the truth is, I'm a little too stunned by this whopping great piece of validation. But if anyone can break through my state of awed speechlessness, Sean can. It'll be a lovely event.)


Blogger Caroline said...

Congratulations on the dedication! What a treat for us Adelaidians. Shall be there with bells on.

16 February, 2012 15:59  

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